Wanders of Gaia

Heal your Inner Sun

A 90 day one on one coaching program designed to help you master your digestion, break through limiting beliefs, and create a sustainable life of PURPOSE, ABUNDANCE, AND OPTIMAL HEALTH.
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Who is this for?

Women who are struggling with digestive issues and are sick of feeling bloated & fatigued after every meal

Women who have tried all the diet fads but are still lacking results and consistency in a healthy diet

Women who are seeking abundance in ALL aspects of their lives, and aren't afraid take action toward their dream life

Women who want to lose fat, improve their skin, control cravings, and have optimal energy

Women who have busy lives and are looking to find ways to manage their time wisely, balancing work and health

Women looking to reduce stress in their busy day to day schedules

Women who are searching for MORE in life, to discover their true purpose on Earth

Women who are seeking a lifestyle shift that they can implement for life!

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Imagine if...

- You didn't have to question whether or not what you were doing was working for you, but letting the results speak for themselves
- You didn't have to worry about what you looked like in your new outfit or how you will feel showing off because you KNOW you look amazing!
- You lived a life of abundance rather than restriction- eating foods you love, having time for work AND play
-You felt balanced in ALL aspects of life including nutrition, physical activity, spirituality, environment, relationships, joy, finances, and more!
-You had clarity and a sense of direction as you continue throughout life
- You mastered your gut health and digestion
-You completely & holistically HEALED your inner sun
- You felt the best you ever did in years!
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What is included?

- Lifetime access to all 12 modules to master your digestion, nutrition, and energy levels. 

- Bi-weekly, 50 minute, one on one check in calls with Coach Brielle and more if the client desires!

- Access to Coach Brielle & other students in the course for a support system

- Personalized tasks given by Coach Brielle to assure you are challenged, and reaching your goals at a steady pace

- Education on how and what to eat to achieve your goals!

- Series of knowledge based on gut health, mindset, bio-individuality, yoga as a lifestyle, time management, holistic healing, connection to Earth, physical training, and more!!


First, I listen.

We'll start all of our one on one calls seeing where you are at, what's positive in your life, where you want to be, and overall what is currently happening in your life. I will be your support system so you can discuss anything you'd like in a safe, comfortable, environment.

Then, I learn.

During our call I'd like to get a sense of where you are in ALL aspects of life, what is supporting your growth and what factors may be creating a blockage toward your growth. Together we will have casual conversation based on my circle of life tool to see where any lifestyle factors may be falling short.  

Lastly, we take action!

We'll discover what seems REALISTIC to achieve, we want to challenge you but still honor the progress & the journey without a sense of burnout. This is a mutual conversation where we agree on your tasks to complete before our next call. Again, we are looking at a sustainable changes you can implement for the rest of your life! 

Meet your coach!

Hi! I'm Brielle Monegro. A certified Integrative Nutrition Health Counsler as well as a certified 200 hour yoga instructor. My love for all things holistic health stemmed throughout my journey in college when I was a dance major, I knew I loved to move, nourish, and care for my body and eventually realized this was not my calling. As I dived deeper into my health journey I noticed myself eager to encourage others by giving them tips and advice on what I have taught myself. This is when I decided to join the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to pursue my passion in post-modern wellness. Here I have studied over 150 dietary theories and trained in supporting client's in other non-food forms of nourishment such as career, spiritual practice, physical activity, human connection, finances, and more! Now, my passion is in educating others on how to return to their roots by using the greatest resource available, Mother Earth, to connect to their body, intution, and inner sun to take back their lives and achieve their dream wellness goals. 


SO are you ready to take charge of your life!?

Let's do this!!